How Do I Change My Password Via MyBGSU?


How do I change my password in MyBGSU?


  1. To change your BGSU password, sign in to the MyBGSU portal.
  2. Select IT Service Desk tab.
  3. Select Change Password from the left navigation.
  4. Type in your current password in the old password field, then type in your new password twice.
  5. Select Change Password to finish the process.

Additonal Information:

After completing the Change Password process we ask that you please log off and then log back in to your computer in order to synchronize your new password with authenticated services.

Please allow for a minimum of one hour for your new password to sync with all BGSU systems, including Office 365 (BGSU email, calendar, SharePoint, etc.).

You will also need to update your password, as needed, on any device (mobile devices, tablets, etc.)where you may have stored your password. 

You will receive an email message from the Technology Support Center (TSC) confirming your password has been changed. If you do not receive a confirmation email message, please contact the TSC.

After changing your password you will now have, at most, 90 days until you will be required to reset your password again.

Review this list of things to remember after changing your BGSU password

For additional assistance, or if you are experiencing issues with Duo Two Factor Authentication, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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