HCM: Access

Who can use it?

BGSU Faculty and Staff 

What is it?

Self-service access is granted through an association with BGSU.  Most people who are eligible to receive a BGSU account have access to self-service pages through the BGSU portal. BGSU employees who need access to the HCM PeopleSoft system in order to complete job duties are required to obtain approval for the appropriate security level prior to using the HCM system. Access and an associated security level is provided based on the user's role within the system. 

Where to get it?

To obtain security access to the HCM application, please complete the "Request HCM Access" form on this page. Click here for instructions for filling out the HCM access form.

Review the HCM Security Access Roles

How to use it?

Links are available to a variety of services through the MyBGSU portal.  These deep links allow a user to view and update data about him/her.  Examples of self-service links that are available include:  View My Paycheck, W-4 Tax Information, Direct Deposit, W-2/W-2c Consent and Forms, Family Status/Life Event Changes, Benefits Enrollment and Summary, Timesheet, Manager Dashboard and Manager Delegation.  Employees are also able to update personal information through the similar portal links.  Back office access is granted by those individuals involved in hiring, human resource management, payroll, OED, time and labor management, and benefits administration. 

Training is provided for all new users seeking HCM access.

How much does it cost?

There are no costs associated with this service.