CSS: Request Access

Who can use it?

BGSU Faculty, Staff, Students

What is it?

CSS is the acronym for Campus Solutions, BGSU’s enterprise application for storing and maintaining student data.  This application contains multiple modules, with Admissions, Campus Community, Student Records, Financial Aid and Student Financials, being the largest modules used at BGSU.

Where to get it?

Self-service access is granted through an association with BGSU. Most people who are eligible to receive a BGSU account have access to self-service pages through the MyBGSU portal. Back office access is granted with the appropriate training and access approval. Access is role-based, meaning it is granted according to the affiliation and job duties of the requestor. CSS is comprised of various modules and therefore users may have different levels of access for different modules. For example, a user may have maintenance-level access fro the Schedule of Classes and view-only access to Admissions information.

Prior to obtaining access to CSS for the first time, users must receive training. In most cases, this training is handled by Registration and Records. In some situations, additional training may be required. Click here to determine what you need to do to request the level of access you need.  

Please complete the “Request CSS Access” form on this page once you have completed any necessary training to request access to the CSS application. 

How to use it?

Below are the steps you must follow to be granted access to CSS:

Step One: Review CSS Access Information

Step Two: Complete Any Required CSS Training 

Step Three: Submit the “Request CSS Access” form on this page.

          *For more information on requesting CSS Security Access, click here.

How much does it cost?

There are no costs associated with this service.

Request CSS Access


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