Printing: Student: Mobility Print

Who can use it?

BGSU Students

What is it?

Mobility Print provides students with the ability to conveniently print documents from their own devices to both ITS lab locations as well as a variety of standalone stations all over campus.

Where to get it?

Click here for a list of Mobility Print locations on campus.

How to use it?

Using Mobility Print, you can send a document to be printed from a personal device in an on-campus location to release stations.  Then, once you are at a Mobility Print location, you can swipe your BGSU ID card or enter your BGSU username and password to display a list of your queued print jobs.  You will then select the appropriate job from the list and print. Standard printing costs apply, and print jobs left in the queue longer than 24 hours will be automatically released from the list with no charges being applied.

In order to utilize Mobility Print, each user will need to install the Mobility Print driver on their personal device.  This set up needs to occur one time - the setup is not required with each print.  Set up instructions are provided in the links below.

Setting up BGSU Mobility Print on a Windows Machine

Setting up BGSU Mobility Print on an Apple Computer

How much does it cost?

Standard printing charges apply.

The costs for student printing are:

$0.05 for a one side printed black and white page

$0.09 for a two side printed black and white page

$0.18 for a one side printed color page

$0.35 for a two side printed color page.