Applications & software vital to university operations, including: Office 365, PeopleSoft CSS/FMS/HCM, AdobeSign, Four Winds, BGLinux, etc.

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Four Winds is the university-supported software used to manage digital signage across campus. Use this page to request access to the software, report an issue, or to order a new sign for your BGSU department.

BGSU has a number of applications in use across campus. Auxiliary applications consist of any application that is not PeopleSoft, OnBase, or Communications related. Due to this, Auxiliary applications consist of a wide range of applications from Chrome River to WorkNet.

*Please contact the functional office before submitting a ticket. If the functional determines a ticket is needed, they will submit the ticket on your behalf. Please review the list of BGSU Auxiliary Applications for more information

The BGSU public calendar located at is powered by Localist and managed by the Office of Marketing & Communications and includes events scheduled on campus by departments, colleges, student organizations, the BGSU community, etc.

OnBase is a document imaging and management system. OnBase is often used to archive documents which have a defined retention policy that is several years long.

OnBase can provide for workflows and a multiplicity of security constraints on user access to documents.

To access OnBase, users must be on campus or using VPN.

Onbase login:

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is BGSU's Content Management System (CMS). AEM is used to manage BGSU webpages and assets.

To login to the AEM, follow the link below.

BGSU has invested in Oracle's PeopleSoft suite of applications as the University's ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. The ERP system provides for the integration of data and processing into a unified system that provides for maximum information integration and accessibility throughout the University.

PeopleSoft is comprised of three major components:

Campus Solutions (CSS)
Financial Management System (FMS)
Human Capital Management (HCM)

CSS is the acronym for Campus Solutions, BGSU’s enterprise application for storing and maintaining student data. This application contains multiple modules, with Admissions, Campus Community, Student Records, Financial Aid and Student Financials, being the largest modules used at BGSU

To increase the efficiency and speed of transactions that require authorization by signature, BGSU encourages the use of Electronic Signatures applications, the university’s approved electronic signature application. BGSU currently uses AdobeSign for electronic signatures.

Video Insight is secure video camera system that provides managed access to live and/or recorded footage to any security camera(s) on the network.

Enterprise Reporting provides a comprehensive reporting capability that encompasses student academics, student financial aid, University finance and University human capital management. Reports may be accessed through the Falcon Info: STARS data warehouse, the Web Report Library or PowerBI.

To log in to the Web Report Library, follow the link below.

Use this page to report issues with web services such as the BGSU website and BGSU Web Apps.

Bridge is the application used by BGSU for faculty, staff and students, to administer employee compliance, professional development and user training. Bridge is used as a scheduling tool for in-person training as well as for management of online training content. This system allows employees to search out training content without intervention and allows administrators to push content to certain populations.