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Instructions for scheduling a Webex meeting via Canvas and then editing the advanced settings of the scheduled meeting.
Information regarding dialing or calling into a Webex meeting.
Instructions for creating a secure Canvas Webex session.
Information on fixing a known Webex meeting scheduling issue that occurs when Audio Connection Type VoIP is not selected.
Steps to fic the Canvas Webex meeting password requirement issue.
Steps for downloading the Webex player to view a meeting recording
Steps for joining a Webex meeting
Steps for scheduling a Webex meeting.
Reasoning for using Webex over Skype
How to request a conference line for your Webex meeting
Information regarding Channel meeting notifications.
Information regarding inviting a select group of students to a Canvas Webex meeting.
Information regarding Listservs and meeting invites.
Information regarding how far in advance one can join a meeting.
Information on adding Channels to meetings.