Cisco Jabber Emergency 911 Notification


Details regarding the use of Cisco Jabber for emergency 911 calls and the messages that appear upon login.



What is the Cisco Jabber Emergency 911 notification/pop-up?


The Important Emergency Service Notice:911 pop-up notification that appears when users login to Cisco Jabber informs users of their current Jabber connection status and how that status impacts using Jabber for 911 (emergency) phone calls. 

Jabber can be run and connected to the BGSU campus phone system using an off-campus internet connection, from the wireless networks on campus and from the campus wired network, with or without using the Pulse VPN service. The only time that the emergency services location is knowable is when the computer running Jabber is connected to the BGSU main campus wired network AND Pulse VPN is not in use (meaning that if the user calls 911, ‚Äčthe dispatcher should automatically be provided accurate location information). In all other scenarios, the connection of the device is not able to provide accurate location information to the 911 dispatcher and is therefore not recommended for emergency use. 

Jabber connected to the BGSU phone system will always route 911 calls to the BGSU main campus Public Safety emergency services dispatcher via Wood County, even if off-campus (local, out of state, or out of country), or at an extended on-campus location (Firelands, Levis Commons, RAAM). 

Based on these connection scenarios, one of two Emergency Service Notices will display to the user; both of which are listed below. The pop-up window must be acknowledged by selecting OK or closing before Jabber will allow phone services to be enabled.

For safety and reliability purposes, using Jabber for emergency calls is not recommended and should not be used unless other options, such as desk phone or mobile phone, are unavailable.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.



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