List Owner Receiving Multiple "X-Type" Errors From ListServ


Why is the list owner receiving multiple "X-Type" errors from a ListServ?


This type of error is caused by email bounce-backs from list subscribers. To remove those subscribers:

  1. Open the attachment on the email error report.
  2. Read through the attachment until you find the list of errored email addresses
  3. Confirm that the email addresses are:
    1. Spelled correctly.
    2. Valid/active.
    3. Using the correct domain.
  4. If they are incorrect or invalid, update them within the ListServ web application.
  5. Login to the ListServ web application at
  6. Navigate to the Subscriber Management area under the List Managment dropdown.
  7. Navigate to the list receiving the error message
  8. Use the Examine or Delete Subscription box to search for the list for the user needing updated.
    1. Update the Email Address field with the correct information and select Update, OR
    2. Delete the subscriber if the email address is no longer valid and there is no information available to update. 

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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