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How do I connect to and use the Personal Server


Personal Server (


If you do not have a Personal Server account, please contact the Technology Support Center to request one. If you are using DreamWeaver, please use the unique setup instructions.

  1. Launch your FTP Program such as Win SCP, CyberDuck.
  2. Enter as the server address.
  3. Select SFTP as the connection type.
  4. Enter your BGSU Username and Password
    1. (Optional) set your default path to /public_html

Any files stores inside the public_html folder will be displayed online at the address with your username inserted.

Any files stored outside this folder will only be accessible through an FPT client.

DreamWeaver Only Settings:

1. Open DreamWeaver and launch Sites from the top menu and select New Site.

2. Name your Site and select the folder where your local website data is stored. 

3. Select Servers on the right and then select the + button.

4. Select Connect using: SFTP, enter into SFTP Address: section, and enter your BGSU Username and password. Then select test.

5. If your site tests successfully, enter /public_html/ into the Root Directory box and select Save

You can now close the sites window and start work.

Visit the STAC Office for general help on using DreamWeaver or reach out to your instructor or contact the DreamWeaver.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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