Upgrade University Device to Latest Mac Operating System (macOS)


How do I update my unsupported university device (devices running macOS version 10.15 and earlier) to the latest macOS version?


Please do not attempt to upgrade your university Mac on your own without first contacting ITS. If an operating system upgrade is necessary for the security of your machine, ITS will notify you via email. If you believe that you need to upgrade your operating system for software compatibility reasons, please contact ITS for assistance at 419-372-0999 or by chat at itschat.bgsu.edu. If your Mac shows that an upgrade is available under System Preferences > Software Update regarding a new major operating system upgrade (e.g. macOS 11.x -> macOS 12.x), you may ignore this notification unless otherwise notified by ITS.

Keeping your university device's mac operating system (macOS) updated is important to maintain system security and stability and to be in compliance with BGSU's security standards. ITS is currently deploying macOS Monteray to eligible employee devices that are out of compliance. ITS will be deploying the update files to eligible devices and notifying you via email when you are able to proceed. To update the macOS on your university device after you have been notified, follow these steps:

Please note: on-campus users must be connected to the BGSU network and off-campus/remote users must be connected to the BGSU VPN/Pulse Secure at various points to upgrade. You must have at least 35GB of free space on your hard drive to run this upgrade. 

To update your device: 

  1. The upgrade may take up to an hour and will include at least one restart so please save all open/working documents, leave your device open (laptop), powered ON and connected to a power source.  
    • Remote/off-campus users: You will need to connect to BGSU VPN/Pulse Secure to receive the upgrade package. If you have already been connected to the VPN for more than 4 hours prior to starting the upgrade, log out of VPN and then log back in to ensure your connection does not expire during the upgrade process.
  2. A prompt window will appear on your desktop when your device is ready to be upgraded with information about the macOS upgrade and will include an option to delay the upgrade, if necessary. 
    • Remote/off-campus users: depending on your home network connection, you may need to be connected to the VPN for up to three hours before the prompt appears. 
  3. Select Submit to begin the upgrade (it may take a few minutes for the upgrade to start). Your device may restart several times. 
  4. Once your device has returned to the login screen, the macOS upgrade part of the process is complete
  5. Log in to your device
  6. Click through the following screens (if applicable): 
    • On the Accessibility screen, select Not Now
    • On the Data & Privacy screen, select Continue
    • On the Incompatible Software screen will be details about software not supported by the new OS. Those applications will be moved to an incompatible software folder. Select OK to continue. 
  7. Remote/off-campus users: Reconnect to the VPN/Pulse Secure for at least one hour once the upgrade is complete. Failure to complete this step may cause issues with the configuration of some programs
  8. If the upgrade prompt window reappears, select Submit to close the window. This will not restart the installation.  
  9. If you receive any System Extension Blocked prompts, select OK to close the prompt window; these will be unblocked automatically as part of the process. 

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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