Check Printer Supplies - VersaLink C600/605


How do I check the printer supply levels on a VersaLink C600/605?


  1. From the Home screen on the device's touchpad, select Device.
  2. Select Supplies.
  3. The toner level for each color is listed at the top of the Supplies and you can scroll to see the rest of the CRUs.
  4. Select one of the toners or the Drum Cartridge Kit to see the percent life remaining and estimated pages remaining for the selected CRU.
  5. To print a list of all printer supplies and their levels:
    1. Select About from the Devices screen.
    2. Select Information Pages.
    3. Select Supplies Usage Report to print the report.

For additional assistance, please contact ComDoc.


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Fri 8/6/21 9:59 AM
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