DocuSign: How To Sign Documents

How To Sign Documents

DocuSign is BGSU's electronic signature solution, a cloud-based application, allowing users to send and sign documents.  There are a few ways BGSU may send/present documents to you to sign electronically.


1-As part of BGSU business, you may be sent a form to sign, triggered by an email similar to below:


2-To view the form and start the signature process, you will click on “Review Document”.  If you are signing from a BGSU email address, you may see this DocuSign screen first.  Do not change your email, simply click “Company Login”:

3-Sign in using your BGSU credentials:

4-This takes you to the DocuSign dashboard.  Here you will click “Awaiting My Signature”:

5-Your electronic document will be displayed.  Review the terms and conditions and press “Continue”:


6-Click the “Start” tag which will take you to the 1st area you need to complete/sign (repeat this for the entire document):


7-Once you get to the signature portion, click the yellow signature tag:


8-If this is the first time you are signing, it will ask you to configure your signature.  Once that is done, click “Finish”:


9-Congrats, you have completed your document!  You should now see a pop-up that will ask you to sign additional documents.  If you choose “Sign”, you will be taken to the next document and you will repeat the process.  If you select “No Thanks”, you will be redirected to the DocuSign Dashboard where you can view documents you have signed, or have yet to sign:




Forms Accessed Via Weblinks

1-Many departments around campus require students/employees to fill out forms.  If this is an electronic DocuSign form, the steps to complete it are below.  The first screen will ask you for your name and email address.  If other people need to sign after you, it will ask you for their name and email address as well.  Note: it is important that your name and email address (as well as any additional signers) are spelled correctly: