Adding Categories to Your SharePoint Calendar


How do I add categories to a SharePoint Calendar?


You can customize your SharePoint calendar by adding categories. Categories allow you to classify events/calendar items into different categories. For example, one might want to categorize calendar items as a meeting, holiday, personal event, etc. 

  1. Log in to SharePoint and navigate to your Site. 
  2. Select your calendar from the left navigation.
  3. Select the Calendar tab and then select List Settings.
    • The standard list setting options appear including content types, columns, and views.
  4. Scroll down to the Columns section and select the Category column.
    • The default choices for the category field are listed with each value on its own line.
  5. Add, edit, and delete as necessary to set up your calendar category values.
    • It is recommended to make this a required field if you plan to create a calendar overlay, otherwise, the appointment may not show up correctly on your calendar. 
  6. Select OK.

Be sure to set up your event categories correctly. By default, SharePoint provides you with standard categories such as meeting, work hours, business, holiday, etc. You can edit these, by adding your own categories and removing unnecessary ones.

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