Using Tabs on Your Q&A Panel as a Host in Webex Events


How do I use tabs in the Q&A panel as a host during my Webex Event?


*This information is for event hosts.

Your Q&A panel consists of five (5) tabs. The All tab displays by default. The following describes what each tab displays​​​​​​:

  1. ALL: All questions and answers (unanswered, answered, private, deferred, and dismissed) in the queue.
  2. UNANSWERED: Questions that have not been answered by a panelist.
  3. ANSWERED: Questions that have been answered.
  4. MY Q&A: Questions that...
    • Attendees specifically sent to you directly.
    • Other panelists assign to you.
    • Attendees send to All Panelists and that you have answered.
    • Attendees send to Host AND Presenter, Host, or Presenter (if you are the host or presenter).
  5. PRIORITIZED: Questions that have been assigned a priority status. 


Opening a Tab

When you open the Q & A panel, the All tab appears by default. To open other tabs on the Q&A panel:

  1. Depending on the operating system you are using, follow one of these steps:
    • Windows Device: Right-click the All tab.
    • Mac Device: Select ctrl and then select the All tab.
  2. Select Open Tab and then select the tab you want to open
  3. If you want to open one more tab,
    • Windows Device: Right-click any of the unopened tabs, select Open Tab and select the tab you want to open.
    • Mac Device: Select ctrl and then select Open Tab and select the tab you want to open.


Displaying Hidden Tabs

The Q&A panel cannot display all open tabs at one time unless you expand the panels to the left. To display a hidden tab on the Q&A panel:

  1. Select the downward arrow.
  2. Select the tab you want to display.


Closing a Tab

You can close all the tabs, except the All tab, on your Q&A panel. To close a tab on the Q&A panel:

  1. Select the X button on the tab you want to close.

Closing a tab does not remove the information on the tab. You can view the information on that tab by reopening.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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