Managing Questions in Webex Event Q&A Panels


How do I manage questions in a Q&A panel in Webex Events?


*This information is for event hosts.

The tabs and visual cues on your Q&A panel allow you to manage the questions you receive in the following ways:

  • Set a priority for any question you have received.
  • Identify the status of questions and answers (answered, unanswered, assigned, private, dismissed, or deferred) and address questions that need your attention.
  • Assign questions to the appropriate expert/person on your team in the event.
  • View the interactions between the panelists and attendees who ask questions.

Additional Information

  • The auto-grouping of questions by tab allows for filter and answer questions.
  • Visual cues, such as deferred and private, show the status of a question. 
  • A question appears bold if no panelist has answered it.
  • Right-click (Windows) or select ctrl and click (Mac) a question to:
    • Assign it to a subject-matter expert, defer it, or dismiss it.
    • Assign a priority status.
    • Send a standard response if this question has been answered verbally

Information on Answer Questions in a Q&A Panel

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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