Customizing a Webex Event Registration Form


How do I customize my registration form for a Webex event? 


Webex Events allows the event host to customize the default registration form. Follow these instructions to customize your registration form:

Webex Events (New)

  1. Navigate to the Webex application
  2. Log in with your BGSU username and password
  3. Select Schedule and Event.
  4. Enter event details.
  5. Select Show advanced options.
  6. Select Scheduling options.
  7. Select the checkbox for Registration required.
  8. Select Customize registration form.
  9. Select the plus sign next to each question to add the question to your registration form. 
  10. To add a custom question, select + Add a customized question.
    • To add a custom question that you have previously created, select the My questions tab.
  11. When finished creating your registration form, select Preview form to see your form, then select Save.

Webex Events (Classic)

  1. Navigate to the Webex application
  2. Log in with your BGSU username and password
  3. Select Webex Events from the bottom of left navigation menu.
    • You may need to scroll to see the link.
  4. Select Schedule and Event from the left navigation menu.
  5. Navigate to the Attendees & Registration section and select Click here to customize your registration form link. 
  6. Under Standard Questions, select or deselect the questions that you want to appear on the registration form and whether they should be required or optional
  7. To create a Custom Question, select your preferred custom type from below the My Custom Questions header to create your question.
    1. To add custom questions that you previously created, select My Registration Questions
  8. Once finished customizing the registration form, select Save

ITS will decommission administrative use of the Webex application on April 21, 2022. Academic use of Webex (Canvas integration) will be removed as of December 20, 2021, and the Webex application will be removed from classroom computers over winter break. New University-owned devices no longer include the Webex software; Zoom and Microsoft Teams are available as a replacement for Webex. Visit for more information.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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