General information and security articles regarding Cisco Jabber

Articles (14)

Can I Send a Text Using Cisco Jabber (Softphone)?

Jabber text messaging capabilities

Cisco Jabber (Softphone) Security

Information on Jabber security protocol.

Cisco Jabber (Softphone) Supported Features

A list of supported features and platforms

Cisco Jabber (Softphone) User Requirements

Information regarding Cisco Jabber user requirements.

Cisco Jabber Emergency 911 Notification

Details regarding the use of Cisco Jabber for emergency 911 calls and the messages that appear upon login.

Cisco Jabber iOS/Android (Softphone) App

Does BGSU support the iOS/Android app for Jabber?

Connecting to Cisco Jabber (Softphone)

Using the BGSU wireless to connect to Cisco Jabber

Setup Call Forwarding for Cisco Jabber (Softphone)

Follow these steps to set up call forwarding from Jabber to voicemail or to a secondary university phone number.

Sharing Your Cisco Jabber (Softphone) Account

Can I share an account with another user?

Using Cisco Jabber (Softphone) Off-Campus

Stipulations for using Jabber chat/phone off campus.

Using Cisco Jabber Softphone While Using a Remote Desktop Connection

Instructions for using Jabber for phone calls while also using RDP.

Using Jabber to Answer your University Phone When Working Off-Campus: An Extension of Your University Phone (Softphone)

Instructions for faculty/staff who wish to use their university device to make calls from their BGSU phone extension via Jabber.