Information and best practices regarding Webex security.

Articles (7)

Auto Lock Webex Personal Room

Instructions on setting your Webex Personal Room to automatically lock.

Expel Participant From a Webex Meeting

Instructions for removing an unwanted participant from a Webex meeting.

Locking a Webex Meeting

Instructions for locking/unlocking a Webex meeting.

Securing a Remote or Hybrid Course Using Webex

Setting changes to make Webex meetings and classes more secure.

Using Webex for Office Hours/Unlocking & Locking Meetings

Instructions for locking/unlocking your personal Webex room.

Video Conferencing Disruptions (Webex and Zoom)

Process to follow if there is a disruption in a Webex or Zoom. IE. Meeting take over by third party.

Webex Security Best Practices

Best practices for securing your Webex meetings.