Articles about using Webex via Canvas.

ITS will decommission the Canvas Webex integration at the end of the Fall 2021 Semester. In response to faculty input, the Canvas Zoom integration was implemented during the Fall 2020 Semester as a replacement for Webex. Faculty who have not yet made the transition to Zoom should prepare to do so in the coming months, which includes the export of videos currently stored in Webex. Visit for more information.

Articles (9)

Can I Schedule a Meeting Using Webex in Canvas and Only Invite Some of My Students?

Information regarding inviting a select group of students to a Canvas Webex meeting.

How Do I Change the Host of a Webex Meeting Created via Canvas?

Instructions for changing the host of a meeting via Webex in Canvas.

How Do I Install Webex On My Device?

Use this guide to download and install the Webex app for your computer.

How Does A Student Join a Webex Meeting In Canvas?

Instructions for joining a Webex meeting via Canvas as a student.

Initial Webex Setup For Instructor

Instructions for setting up Webex as an instructor.

Instructions For Scheduling/Editing a Webex Meeting For a Canvas Course

Instructions for scheduling a Webex meeting via Canvas and then editing the advanced settings of the scheduled meeting.

Launching a Webex Meeting Via Canvas as an Instructor

Instructor instructions for launching a Webex meeting via Canvas.

Sharing a Secure WebEx Meeting/Session in Canvas

Instructions for sharing a secure Webex session created within Canvas.

What Happened To the "Host As" and "Prepare As" Feature for Webex Meetings Scheduled Via Canvas?

Information regarding changes to Webex via Canvas meeting host features.