Information regarding resources available to support remote teaching during the temporary online learning window resulting from COVID-19 response efforts.

ITS will decommission the Canvas Webex integration at the end of the Fall 2021 Semester. In response to faculty input, the Canvas Zoom integration was implemented during the Fall 2020 Semester as a replacement for Webex. Faculty who have not yet made the transition to Zoom should prepare to do so in the coming months, which includes the export of videos currently stored in Webex. Visit for more information.

Articles (11)

Canvas Webex authenticateUser #999999 Error

Information on Canvas Webex authenticateUser error, including cause and fix/resolution.

Connecting Your University-Owned Mac Device to Your Home WiFi

Instructions for connecting to your home WiFi network on your University-owned Mac device.

Creating a Screen Recording Using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Step-by-step instructions for recording a lecture using OBS.

Creating Online Office Hour Sign-Ups in Canvas

A self-help guide for instructors wishing to set up online, one-on-one office hours withing Canvas as well as instructions for students making appointments.

Recording Your Screen Using QuickTime Player

Instructions for recording your screen using QuickTime Player.

Remote Assessment

Information regarding remote assessment tools at BGSU.

Uploading a Video to Canvas

Instructions for adding a video to a page within a Canvas course.

Using Jabber to Answer your University Phone When Working Off-Campus: An Extension of Your University Phone (Softphone)

Instructions for faculty/staff who wish to use their university device to make calls from their BGSU phone extension via Jabber.

Using Webex for Office Hours/Unlocking & Locking Meetings

Instructions for locking/unlocking your personal Webex room.

Utilizing for Video Captioning is a video captioning freeware to create closed captioning (subtitles) to a video. This document shows you how to create an account for and a general guide on how to use it.

Webex in Canvas Password Required Issue

Steps to fic the Canvas Webex meeting password requirement issue.