Applications & software vital to university operations, including: Office 365, PeopleSoft CSS/FMS/HCM, DocuSign, Four Winds, BGLinux, etc.

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Helpful information on using the Bomgar remote assistance/chat tool.


Learn how to use this Digital Transaction Management (eSignature) application for the signing and sending of electronic documents.

Four Winds

Self-help guides and Content Manager instructions for BGSU's digital signs.


Articles and training information related to using PeopleSoft CSS, FMS, HCM and Queries.


General information and training articles on using the Bridge enterprise training system.


Guides and information for utilizing the BGSU ListServ mailing lists.

Office 365

Helpful information for utilizing Office 365 at BGSU, including: Microsoft Office, SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and Outlook.


Helpful information on using BGLinux for your instructional computing needs.

Chrome River Mercury

How to access and use Chrome River Mercury for University expense tracking.


Information about what Bitlocker is and how it is used to protect your device.

CrashPlan (Code42)

Information regarding CrashPlan and how it is used to back up data for your device.


Articles regarding using Adobe software at BGSU.

Qube! Render Farm

General Information regarding Qube! Render Farm