Information on MatLab, Top Hat, AutoDesk, Windows 10, etc.

Articles (8)

EvaluationKIT Mobile App

Instructions for accessing the EvaluationKIT mobile app.

Installing Matlab on a personal computer for Students

Guide is to be used for Students to download Matlab for the personal computers

Obtaining a Windows 10 License Key (Students Only)

This guide will help you obtain your Windows 10 license (students only) and how to activate it using a Mac machine.

Personal Server Connection (

Information about the decommissioning of the BGSU personal server.


Information regarding using and accessing the Portfolium ePortfolio software for the BGSU 1910 - Life Readiness course.


Information on Porfolium, the digital portfolio application.

Where Can I Get Free AutoDesk Programs?

Student instructions for obtaining free AutoDesk programs.