Information on MatLab, Top Hat, AutoDesk, Windows 10, personal servers, etc.

Articles (10)

Discounted Top Hat Student Access

Top Hat Pricing and account.

EvaluationKIT Mobile App

Instructions for accessing the EvaluationKIT mobile app.

Installing Matlab on a personal computer for Students

Guide is to be used for Students to download Matlab for the personal computers

Obtaining a Windows 10 License Key (Students Only)

This guide will help you obtain your Windows 10 license (students only) and how to activate it using a Mac machine.

Personal Server Connection

Connecting to Personal Server


Information on Porfolium, the digital portfolio application.

Temporary Adobe Creative Cloud Installation for Students

Student instructions for downloading temporary Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps.

Top Hat General Information

Information on the Top Hat software.

Where Can I Get Free AutoDesk Programs?

Student instructions for obtaining free AutoDesk programs.